Let’s Not Forget Michelle Obama’s Speech

One of my conservative friends labeled it, “The Huxtable Speech,” designed to show Americans that the Obama Family was a lot like theirs or the Huxtable Family from the 1980’s Cobsy Show.  But seriously, how much more down to earth does one need to go to show that the Obama’s are more in touch with the worries of everyday Americans and that the Obama’s are realizing the American Dream on working hard and making your own opportinities.  Michelle Obama’s father wasn’t rich in dollars, but rich in values, and her speech shows that.



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  1. Heather Pritchard
    August 27, 2008 at 11:36 am

    Can’t forget it, it moved me to tears (As Clinton’s did) and made me proud of the Democratic Party and it’s ability to stand up for women’s issues unlike the Republican Party.

    Michelle Obama was able to show us a part of who she is without overexposing. It is obvious that she is the smart and strong woman behind Barack Obama and that it shows just how smart he is for chosing to marry her so many years ago in Chicago, Il.

    Thanks so much Dan for sharing this, it’s a must watch for those who say they don’t like Michelle Obama. Put away what the media has pushed about her and try seeing with new eyes, you might find yourself surprised.

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