…Because Hillary Said So!

Hillary told us that she wanted us to support Barack Obama, saying that she had fought too hard and too long in the trenches to lose this fight (paraphrasing). She told us to fight to elect Barack Obama as the next president of the United States.

She’s told us as Hillary delegates to unite, to prevent another Republican from holding the White House for another four years.  I’m her pledged delegate, so I have to do what she says. There was no doubt about what she wanted us to do. 

I’m supporting Barack Obama because Hillary said so!

The following is my recollection of the evening…

The mood was electric as Hillary Rodham Clinton took the stage last night. Everyone wanted to know what she was going to say; whether they were Hillary supporters waiting to see what she would say to unite the delegates behind Barack Obama.

Yes, some Hillary delegates were hoping that she would fire up the troops to keep on fighting. Let me take a break here for a big sigh…

Like I told one die-hard Hillary supporter yesterday, who vowed to fight on even if Hillary released everyone (which she did), ‘it’s like Michael Phelps winning a gold medal by a finger nail. He lunged at the last second and won the race. It happens, it sucks for the person who comes in second, but we’re all adults and we should be able to understand that it was a close race, a good race, but it’s over now.”

So as we sat in the California delegate’s section, everyone was waiting expectantly for Hillary. Shortly before she was to come out to the stage, Bill Clinton appeared in the balcony just above and behind us. Pity the speaker who was on stage, because everyone turned their backs on him to see Bill waving to the crowd, hugging folks around him, spotlights and all. I can’t even tell you who that speaker was, because we were so entranced with the former president.

Chelsea introduced her mom after a very touching short Hillary video bio which included recently deceased Stephanie Tubbs Jones. I got dewy-eyed.  When Chelsea came to the mike, the convention erupted in cheers and some in our crowd were bouncing up and down from sheer excitement. Quite a feat when you consider how tightly packed we were.

(When you add the half dozen or so signs that get handed out and the long standards, coupled with a cramped leg space, it’s difficult to get very active…can you say sardine?)

Then the big moment arrived. Hillary had arrived. We erupted in a roar of support and solidarity. We shouted and whistled in support even after it was obvious that she want to start speaking. We couldn’t help it, here was the most amazing woman to ever run for office on the anniversary of women’s right to vote. Here was the warrior who fought valiantly to a near tie but fell just short of the goal. Here was the greatest hope for women’s equality in leadership standing before us, ready to rally the delegates towards a bigger goal: WIN THE ELECTION.

I thought her speech was magnificent. I confess to wiping my eyes several times while she reminded us that this election was not about her, it was not about Barack, it was about America. She reminded us that it’s about the people, it about solving our nation’s problems (view her speech on the open thread on this site).

I was inspired and proud to have been a “Hillary Girl.” I’m even more proud to be able to follow her example and work towards electing Barack Obama. Keeping the eye on the prize should help those who continue to nurse broken hearts. In my opinion, following her direction will insure Hillary’s legacy and will elevate women everywhere.

If you have any doubts, just keep repeating, “No way, no how, no McCain.”


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  1. August 27, 2008 at 8:46 pm

    Hi Misha – I avoid political speeches but couldn’t help but watch Hillary last night and I wasn’t sorry. It was a great speech. I am so glad she mentioned Seneca Falls and what a herstoric day it was. Since you-all were so close to Bill Clinton, perhaps you didn’t notice that when Hillary started speaking, he mouthed ‘I love you’ twice. i admired her because she never said she was there as a wife!
    Here’s to Hillary as President in 2012 or 2016!
    And Barak in 2008!
    P.S. you wanted my political bio…here it is…I became a Democrat at the age of 11 in the year that the political conventions were first televised. I figured out that in spite of the opinions of those around, I liked Adlai! Thanks to the women and men at Seneca Falls, I was able to vote when I became 18 and I attended my only political event – John Kennedy’s acceptance speech at the Coliseum in LA in 1960. A lot has happened since then but I remain a Democrat and proud to have women like Hillary Clinton and you represent me!

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