CA-46: So Dana Now Wants to Debate?

“It is not surprising that Dana Rohrabacher has chosen to bring Washington politics back home and try to mislead people about these debates,” said Kevin Thurman, Cook’s Campaign Manager. “We have never turned down a debate or forum with Congressman Rohrabacher. We ask that his campaign respond to our letter asking for three debates.”

Apparently, Dana Rohrabacher’s campaign has told the press that Debbie Cook has turned down Dana’s offer to debate. But when Debbie Cook’s campaign is asked, they’ll tell us that they never refused to debate with Rohrabacher. In fact, Debbie Cook’s campaign has asked for at least three debates. And prior to Cook’s challenge, Rohrabacher had agreed to only one debate on Oct. 21.

So why is Dana Rohrabacher being dishonest about who wants to debate whom more often? If he wants debates, then shouldn’t he agree to two more debates with Debbie Cook? What’s he afraid of?

Isn’t it interesting how Republicans can’t take personal resposibility, but have to project their faults onto others? 😉