CA-46: Cook Challenges Rohrabacher to 3 Town Hall Debates

Debbie CookThis just in from the Debbie Cook campaign. Let’s see if Dana Rohrabacher takes up the offer. I’d be interested to see the two debate. 😉

Cook Asks Rohrabacher for Three Town Hall Debates

Huntington Beach, CA – Debbie Cook has formally asked Congressman Dana Rohrabacher to join her in at least three town-hall style debates throughout the 46th distict.

“The voters in our district should have meaningful opportunities to hear our very different goals and visions for the 46th district,” said Cook. “The Congressman has been willing to debate in previous elections, I hope he will agree to join me in a series of forums that will present our positions directly to the voters.”

The Cook campaign has asked for three debates located across the district, two in Orange County and one in Los Angeles County.

“There are two very different media markets in this district, so along with Orange County, it’s important to schedule at least one town hall debate in Los Angeles County, possibly in Long Beach or the Palos Verdes Peninsula.” said Kevin Thurman, Cook’s campaign manager.

Thurman said he is waiting for an official response from the Rohrabacher campaign. Thurman sent a certified letter to Rhonda Rohrabacher, the Congressman’s wife and campaign manager, early this week.   

Cook, the Democratic nominee and mayor of Huntington Beach, is challenging incumbent Dana Rohrabacher. She has devoted much of her adult life and her legal career to environmental protection and energy policy. She considers reducing America’s dependence on fossil fuels an environmental and national security imperative.

The 46th Congressional District covers a two-county area bounded by Costa Mesa on the south and the Palos Verdes Peninsula on the north. For more information about the campaign, please visit