CA-46: Crazy Dana Walking Precincts… WHERE??!!

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Ah, how I love me the right-wing blogs! Sometimes, I find it amusing to simply lurk over there and see the vile garbage spew out of their keyboards. But to my surprise, I found out today that some of my recent diaries have been featured on an infamous local right-wing blog.

Apparently, Debbie Cook is foolish for actually talking to voters. I mean, why should she actually take time to talk to voters? “Crazy Dana” Rohrabacher obviously doesn’t. I have yet to see one neighborhood outreach walk, volunteer phone bank, or any other kind of voter outreach activity happening with his campaign.

Well, I guess it’s Crazy Dana’s loss that he doesn’t talk to voters while Debbie Cook does. The more voters here in the 46th District find out about him, the less they like him. And as they learn more about Debbie Cook, the more they like her for her hard work to protect our quality of life as well as her plan to make real change that benefits real people.

OK, so Dana doesn’t want to earn his votes? And he’d rather continue with his extreme right-wing agenda than listen to the more moderate voters in his own district? So be it.
I just hope Dana’s ready to face the consequences. From what I understand, voters don’t like to be ignored. And if Dana keeps ignoring his own voters, he may have a tougher November than what he’s planning for. I just wonder if he & his GOP buddies have actually thought this through.
Whatever. I shouldn’t have to worry about Crazy Dana & his far-right GOP pals. We have enough work to do ensuring that great Democrats like Debbie Cook get elected this fall.
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Are you with me? 😉

  3 comments for “CA-46: Crazy Dana Walking Precincts… WHERE??!!

  1. Republican dementia
    August 12, 2008 at 7:25 am

    Red County gets more churlish every day. Matt Cunningham, who identifies himself with a science fiction character less realistic than Batman, apparently is giving Debbie Cook campaign lessons about how to maximize her time by not visiting the parts of her district that Rohrabacher ignores.

    Cunningham surrounds himself with partisan hacks, including Tomahawk, an elected official who reports on himself in the third person.

    Today they’re going after Karen Haluza because of astroturf in Santa Ana, while they trumpet their boy Righeimer’s bid for Costa Mesa City Council after his two year residency there has given him such strong ties with the community.

    Speaking of Righeimer, when’s he going to pay Rohrabacher back loan from this losing 2000 campaign .

    Looks like he’s a deadbeat, still owing$15,000.00 to Rohrabackwards from this campaign eight years ago. Or maybe I just don’t understand Rigonomics, that curious borrow and spend world that the easy street Republicans seem to perfect. And didn’t Righeimer stiff his homeowners’ association? Maybe they wouldn’t let him put in astroturf.

  2. August 12, 2008 at 8:54 am


    “Infamous,” eh? Ooooo.

    I’d suggest re-reading my post. It should be blindingly obvious I did not say “Debbie Cook is foolish for actually talking to voters.”

    Republican dementia: thanks for reading Red County!

  3. Wombat six
    August 12, 2008 at 3:07 pm

    So I don’t get it. Why does this show up as a debt on Rohrabacher’s campaign report, but Righeimer’s 2000 campaign was closed out in 2002?

    Does Rohrbacher still think that Righeimer is going to pay him back?

    What other glitches are there in Rohrabacher’s reporting? We know he gave money back to contributors for various ethical lapses, including Abramoff, but why does he still show the Righeimer loan on his books?

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