Mauk Speaks on Busty’s Comment

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Busty Bustamante (Photo Credit OCWeekly)FINALLY!

OC Register investigative reporter Norberto Santana followed up with Orange County CEO Tom Mauk on Carlos “Busty” Bustamante’s comments regarding implants, water bras, and the appointment of Sheriff Hutchens. I first wrote about this on June 13th. In my most recent post almost a month ago on July 14th, Bustamante: Still Lying, Still Denying, I reported that County CEO Mauk, wouldn’t talk about Carlos. He would not even comment about the alleged comment that Busty made.

In case you’ve forgotten what he said… Busty had stated to Red County Blogger (Jubal) Matt Cunningham and LATimes reporter Christian Berthelsen; “I kept telling the Chief (Paul Walters – Santa Ana) maybe we should get you some implants, or a water bra.

OC CEO Tom MaukMauk’s conversation with Norberto at the Register marks the first time we have heard boo from Mr. Maukgoo. To quote from Norberto’s story in Total Buzz:

He’s telling the County CEO that he never said the remark. “He still maintains he didn’t say it,” said County CEO Tom Mauk.

Mauk told me, “I’ve met with him on more than one occasion to discuss the whole Sheriff Hutchens situation and management issues in general.”

Mr. MaukgooMauk’s sense of the comments, if true, are clear: “As respects to the comments that were reported, we’re all disgusted.”

When I chided Mauk on the age-old, “I was misquoted” defense of officials – and pointed out that nobody is disputing the remark… except Bustamante, he wryly responded, “We do our own investigations.”

Carlos Busty Bustamante, in addition to being Director of Administration for the OC Public Works department, is a member of the Santa Ana City Council representing Ward 3. Friday, August 8th marked the filing deadline for the Ward 3 Santa Ana City Council race. Busty has drawn three opponents. Orange School Board Trustee Steve Rocco, Orange Juice Blogger Art Pedroza, and Anna Rebecka Valencia-Verdin, have stepped up to the challenge.

Will Busty get dumped by the voters in November? Will they replace him with the nut job Steve Rocco; the blogger Art Pedroza who believes that the Santa Ana Police Department cares enough about his blog posts to harass and follow him; or the unknown woman who has jumped out of nowhere to slap Carlos in his water bra, Anna Rebecka Valencia-Verdin? Will Tom Mauk ever start or complete an investigation of Busty’s comments?

The only thing for certain here is that Norberto is better at getting Mr. Maukgoo to speak to the issue. Too bad Maukgoo cannot see how much allowing Busty to get away with his remarks tarnishes his own reputation as a manager as well as the County policies that prohibit such comments.

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  1. Mauk's a tool...
    August 11, 2008 at 11:31 am

    Mauk will totally let Busty get away with this. The boys will protect each other…

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