Trung Nguyen Running for Garden Grove City Council

This just in from Garden Grove City Hall, there will be 10 candidates running for city council in Garden Grove this time around. In what is surprising news, Trung “Mr. Photoshop” Nguyen is running for a seat on the council rather than run as an incumbent for Garden Grove Unified School District Board of Trustee’s.

In addition to Nguyen, the candidates are incumbent Steve Jones, Robin Peace Marcario, T. Linh Ho, Andrew Do, Tony Flores, Paul Lucas, Joshua L. Leimbach, Tom Bailor, and Charles Mitchell.

For Mayor we’ve got incumbent Bill Dalton opposed by Karentracy Moreland Urda.

  2 comments for “Trung Nguyen Running for Garden Grove City Council

  1. OCGator
    August 10, 2008 at 12:05 am

    Get the broom out, lets sweep this bunch out and get some new blood. And lets send Trung Nguyen “over there” to protect us; as a school board member, he leaves a lot to be desired.

  2. lottahope
    August 21, 2008 at 5:12 pm

    Mr. Gator. Why disrespect these candidates. You have a very good point with Trung though. Anyone who puts on that clown outfit, and lies to me, telling me he can protect me from too stupid to EVER be in elected office. More important even than who is elected is that this insulting candidate NEVER be elected. God help us if the vote is close. He’ll cry/appeal to the supreme court again. Sad it is that most of his votes are ethnically motivated. The integrity of our election process will never recover if this clown outfit man can get elected. The city council is important and with both the Marks finally gone, we’re hopefully on our way to some responsible representation. We must remember that these politicians run all the way from the most honest people you’d ever meet to the ones who commit real estate fraud and acts of corruption…and end up locked up. If you look hard at this list of candidates you’ll see at least one honest and capable candidate. Let’s hope she gets elected.

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