Kermit Marsh: Hopping out into obscurity

Kermit MarshToday, Kermit Marsh hopped out of the City Council pond in Westminster, to focus on has campaign for Orange County Superior Court Judge against Debra Carrillo. Given the reality that it is virtually certain that the Westminster City Councilman, who cannot even follow simple campaign finance reporting laws, will lose bid to be a judge. Kermit Marsh is actually hopping into obscurity.  Good-bye Kermie. Don’t let the door hit yu in the ass on the way out.

Kermit’s leap of faith opens up the question of who will be running for Westminster City Council since the filing deadline gets extended when an incumbent chooses not to run for reelection. We’ll find out Wednesday at 5 pm how things fall out.

THe Many Faces of Trung NguyenSpeaking of fallout. Since Trung “Mr. Photoshop” Nguyen has settled on running for Garden Grove City Council the same scenario playing out with the Westminster Council race holds true for the Garden Grove Unified School District Board of Trustee’s race. Rumor has it that my favorite “corrupt” Democrat Hoa Van Tran may pull papers to run for the School Board. God I thought we were rid if this fool. 

By the way, I took a quick look at Hoa Van Tran’s final campaign filing statement from July 31st, and basically he has not corrected much of anything. His filing statements are about as full of crap as the findings of the District Attorney’s office regarding Chriss Street. Come to think of it, Hoa Van Tran is another example of a political figure that can do no wrong in the eyes of T-Rack.

It would be fun to see Hoa run for school board though. I would love to see him reconcile the linkage between his campaign and gang-bangers with the school district’s zero tolerance policy on gangs.

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  1. Marsh is a Loser
    August 9, 2008 at 8:47 pm

    Kermie’s always been a loser. His career with an Irvine law firm ended abruptly a few years ago. Now he’s abandoning a collection of equally talented losers in Westminster. His tenure as the Parliamentarian for the OC GOP Central Committee was marked with bad calls that angered Scott Baugh, and now he’ll lose to Carillo as he did in the primary. His time needs to be spent complying with the law for a change and properly filing his campaign reports — all of them, as there’ s quite a list of violations. Anyone foolish enough to have given the albino any dough ought to think about their money going to the $7,000 or so of fines that the Marshman rang up.

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