As the Media Joins the Low Road Express

(Originally from Clintonistas for Obama)

How much have you heard so far about Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton supposedlynot getting along“? How much have your heard about the “maverickMcCain? How much total crap have you heard coming out of the media & the McCain campaign so far that you just can’t get our of your head?

Well, let me help you get past the garbage & get back to focusing on what matters…

So how do you really feel about McCain’s negative campaign & the media’s love affair with that kind of nonsense? I think this says it well for me. Take a look.

As I was saying earlier this week, I’ve had it with this trash. And frankly, I think there are many more Americans like me.

I’ve had it with the media continually giving McCain a free pass. I’ve had it with McCain’s endless substance-free smear attacks on Barack Obama. I’ve had it with the media obsessing over rumors about Bill & Hillary Clinton and how they get along with the Obamas instead of… Well, instead of the media doing its job in informing the American people about what Obama & McCain stand for.

So have you had it like I have? Well, then let’s do something about it. Hold the media accountable. Tell everyone who John McCain really is. Oh yes, and let’s elect some great Democrats who will persue real media reform.

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