It’s Not About “The Race Card”, or “Celebrity”, or Even “Moses”


(This was originally posted at Clintonistas for Obama.)

Apparently, everyone in the corporate media elite is chattering over whether John McCain’s new attacks on Barack Obama are working. All I heard on the talk shows today were “discussions” over “the race card”, “Paris & Britney”, and McCain “defining” Obama. If one were just to watch the teevee, one would believe everyone cares about whether or not Obama is an “uppity, elitist celebrity”.

But you know what? I don’t think most people really do care about all the crap. Maybe if the corporate media elite were to look outside their Beltway Insider bubble, they’d see that the American people have more important things to care about.


I live in Orange County, CA, a place known to “lean Republican” (though we’re not as strongly GOP as some would believe). If there’s ever a place to see what the rest of America outside the Left Netroots thinks, it’s here. So one would think that I’d hear all about these attacks on Obama in my recent neighborhood walks.

And guess what? People don’t care about that stuff! So far, I haven’t run into one voter in my neighborhood walks that has asked me about “Obama playing the race card” or “Obama acting like an elitist snob”. No, they actually have to worry about keeping their homes out of foreclosure and jobs from being lost. These people actually have to worry about their relatives in Iraq and their kids breathing polluted air. Basically these regular people have real life problems to think about, so they’re not obsessing over stupid crap like the faux scandals generated by the media.

So why is the media letting McCain get away with these ugly attacks on Obama? And more importantly, why are they allowed to spread these smears when the American people want to hear about what these two candidates will actually do about the issues that really matter? When I talk to voters, they don’t go on and on about “the race card” or “celebrity”. So really, why is the media obsessing over the same old garbage?

Well, we’re not totally helpless. If the corporate media won’t talk about the real issues that real voters care about, that won’t stop us from doing so. Let’s go out, spread some truth, and fight the smears. Oh yes, and let’s go out & talk to our neighbors about the real issues. Believe it or not, they care about the real issues as much as we do.