Todd Gallinger for Irvine City Council

Irvine lawyer Todd Gallinger has formally announced he’s running for a council seat in Irvine.

Todd is an exceptional young man.  He grew up in Irvine, attending elementary school through junior college here.  His law practice represents small businesses and not-for-profits.  He was the lead citizen activist behind the successful Measure H campaign to prevent lobbyists from being council members and was instrumental in getting the email privacy measure on the ballot in Irvine this November.

This is the first time we’ve had a “home grown” candidate running for office in Irvine. Someone who played AYSO soccer here, went to school here and made his home here.  He is bright, articulate and independent.  Since he’s already the subject of barbs from Christina Shea’s email account, it won’t take a genius to figure out Gallinger represents a voice for progress in Irvine.

In a small way, I need to thank Irvine Tattler publisher Steven Smith. I’m sure Todd was prodded into running by the relentless personal attacks on him as a private citizen (Todd) for having the audacity to request copies of Shea’s communications at city hall.  Smith’s website contains multiple falsehoods about Todd that have yet to be corrected.