SD 33: An Evening With Gary Pritchard

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Yesterday, I had a chance to see my friend Ellinorianne at a very special event. You see, her husband is running for State Senate here in Orange County, CA. And since running for office isn’t a cheap thing to do, he was asking folks to donate so he can keep fighting the good fight and defeat a wacky extreme-right GOP establishment fixture who could care less about the people who actually live here.

But anyways, I’d like to tell you more about what happened last night, so why don’t you follow me downstairs for more…

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Everyone had a great time at this lovely house on top of a hill in Anaheim Hills. The candidate himself played some great tunes with the band. People were enjoying the good food & drinks. Oh yes, and everyone was also happy to see the special guests.

There’s nothing that cheers me more than seeing Democrats supporting other Democrats, so I was thrilled to see other local candidates attending to help Gary Pritchard. We had our local school board candidate, our candidate for Superior Court judge, one of our water district board candidates, and the Executive Director of the county Democratic Party. All in all, it was amazing to see so many great Democrats together to support one of our own.

There are so many challenges facing us in this nation, but not all of them can be solved by the President. That’s one reason why it’s important for us not to forget local races like this one. Here in California, we have Republicans in the Governor’s office and the State Legislature preventing the Democratic majority from passing a fiscally responsible budget. Closer to (my) home, we have incompetent GOP school board members who put far-right ideology over our kids’ education. We have Republican-appointed judges who care more about partisan politcking over applying equal justice under the law. Basically, we’re in a mess and we need some good people to clean it all up.

I’m sure my area isn’t the only municipality with corrupt GOP politicos running the show (to the ground). There are probably some in your area, too. So come on, you know what we all need to do.

Volunteer with your local party & your local candidates. Donate to good local Democrats. Whatever you do, just don’t forget that change begins with us & change beings locally! 🙂

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  4 comments for “SD 33: An Evening With Gary Pritchard

  1. August 2, 2008 at 10:02 am

    Wish I could have made it, I heard the joint was rocking! And Gary played along with the band? Way cool! Hey, can I play at you guys’ next event?

  2. August 2, 2008 at 10:13 am

    The event was well attended at all levels of supports from interested parties, volunteers and other candidates. I hope the event is a sign that more people recognize the importance of down ballot races. Judging by the reception the other candidates got when they were introduced it sure looks like it.

    Thanks for writing about it Andrew.

    On a side note I’ll be walking with the other half of “The Two Garys”, Gary Kephart, on Sunday. If anyone wants to help then leave a comment or drop me an email and we can give you details.

    On following weekends both Garys will be walking and I’m sure they would love some company.

  3. Heather Pritchard
    August 2, 2008 at 10:23 am

    Vern – Actually, Gary plays with the band all the time, it was just this night he had to be the candidate and couldn’t play as much as he wanted to!

    And yes, I’m sure you are welcome to come jam with the guys whenever you want. It was great music and fun.

    Ron – Thanks so much for coming, I had such a nice time and it was lovely to get to chat a bit. AND thanks for walking with Gary Kephart this weekend, Gary Pritchard walks every weekend and this one just happens to be an exception because of a previous commitment to play a gig in Handford! I’m telling you, my husband is all over the place.

    Thanks to the both of you for working so hard for local Democrats, it’s appreciated beyond words.

  4. August 2, 2008 at 1:50 pm

    And a great time was had by all. I’m glad the event was so well attended. Good luck, Gary!

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