A Tale of Two Brain Tumors

Conservative columnist Bob Novak has been diagnosed with a brain tumor (which might explain his erratic driving and decision to date Ann Coulter).

Robert Novak

Over at The Flash Report, our friend Jon Fleischman writes:

7-28-2008 11:32 am

Long time conservative columnist Bob Novak, whose columns we have featured a lot on this site, has been rushed to the hospital with a brain tumor. Please keep him in your prayers. Look for updates on the Human Events website.\But back in May, when Senator Ted Kennedy was diagnosed with a brain tumor, Jon responded to an excellent post by Jill Buck with this comment:

Wow, Jill.

For a few moments, you took me to a higher place.

Then I remembered what an key role Ted Kennedy has had in taking away freedom and liberty from everyone in America and it brought me back to Earth.

Like you, I wish him Godspeed for a healthy recovery. No one, including a political adversary, should have to grapple with the tragedy of cancer.

Good thing Jon added the last sentence, or else it would confirm that he lacks heart when it comes to anything or anyone on the left. 

Since it looks like conservatives are losing a huge media voice in the crucial months leading up to the presidential election, I’d like to take this time and call on the Register’s editorial pages to replace Novak’s suspended column with that of a confirmed liberal.  Paul Krugman. Arianna Huffington. Maureen Dowd. Hell, I’d even take Alan Holmes.  But a lack of left-of-center voices in the editorial pages of the local newspaper is appalling considering how much Orange County has changed.