Another Reason Why Laguna Makes Us Proud

“I never doubted for a minute a second that anyone on this council would not support this,” said Councilmember Elizabeth Pearson.

“I mean this is just who we are,” Pearson continued. “This is one of the things that make Laguna great.”

The Laguna Beach City Council voted yesterday to support a resolution opposing Propostition 8, the November ballot measure that would overturn marriage equality if passed. Laguna is the very first California city to do so. Horray!

This is why Laguna has always been a bright beacon of light, even when behind “The Orange Curtain”. 😉

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  1. Lou Delgado
    July 25, 2008 at 3:49 am

    As a former Lagunatic, I am proud of their decision.

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