The Emperor appoints more Jesters to OCERS Board

Reed RoyaltyArthur HidalgoThis week’s Orange County Board of Supervisors meeting agenda is a bit light in substance. Of note however is the first item on the Consent Calendar from the Emperor Chicken Little Moorlach.

1.       Chair Moorlach – Board of Retirement, OCERSReappoint Arthur Hidalgo, Newport Beach, to complete term ending 12/31/09; and Reed Royalty, San Juan Capistrano, to complete term ending 12/31/10.

It seems that County Board Chair Moorach’s raid on the integrity of the OCERS Board for their failure to yield to his will has at least temporarily ended. I wonder if these individuals have sworn some private oath to the Emperor Chicken Little Moorlach, in exchange for their reappointment to the Board.  As it is Reed Royalty has succedded in raising the contribution rates charged to the county and workers well beyond what is reasonable or necessary to support the system.

The Emperor Chicken Little MoorlachNow I guess we can look forward to these pawns to make their decisions regarding Moorlach’s legal offensive against the retirement board in keeping with his wishes. Note to Royalty, Hidalgo, and Gorcyca; the thousands of members of the Orange County Employees Retirement System are watching what you do. Understand, it is illegal to willfully make decisions contrary to the best interests of a corporate board you sit on. This includes rolling over and not fighting a lawsuit against our pension system brought by your master.