33rd Senate Endorsements for Pritchard

Gary Pritchard and daughter CharlotteDemocratic State Senate candidate Gary Pritchard announced three important endorsements today. Pritchard announced the endorsement of the Orange County Employees Association (OCEA), and two Fullerton city councilwomen, Mayor Sharon Quirk and Councilwoman Pamela Keller.

“I’m very proud of the endorsements of the OCEA, because our county employees’ hard work and expertise keep Orange County running,” said Pritchard. “Likewise both Mayor Quirk and Councilwoman Keller are an amazing part of why Fullerton is thriving.”

These endorsements signal growing momentum for Pritchard’s grassroots campaign.  Nick Berardino, General Manager of OCEA,  said this regarding their endorsement, “We are proud to support Gary Pritchard for Senator of the 33rd District. We strongly believe that he will change the focus in the district from spending so much  time on  dirty political campaigning, the hallmark Mimi Walters; to concentrating his total energy to reverse a faltering economy, a deteriorating education system, the health care crisis and immediately reducing fuel prices. 

Pritchard’s campaign is focused on making sure that our state government represents the interests of all residents, conservative and liberal, Republican and Democratic alike. Pritchard believes we need better government, not bigger government. Pritchard will focus on the issues that voters are the most concerned about: education, the environment and health care.

Gary Pritchard is a California native and professor of Fine Arts at Cerritos College. He is running for State Senate in the 33rd District against Assemblywoman Mimi Walters. He holds a doctorate in Social Sciences from University of California, Irvine.  Pritchard, his wife Heather and five-year-old daughter Charlotte live in Aliso Viejo.