So What Have I Been Missing?

You know, I’ve really missed this place. No matter how many diaries I get on the Rec List in a week over at MyDD, no matter how much fun I have at Taylor’s place, no matter how much mischief I cause at my own place, nothing really substitutes this place for me. Now don’t get me wrong, I love all those other blogs I just mentioned. It’s just that there’s a special place in my heart for, and I’m so happy to see us up and running again!

So now that we have that cleared up, what did I miss? I mean it, I want to know what I’ve been missing out on. I know this sounds lame, but I’ve been out of the loop on juicy OC political news for a whole week now. I REALLY need your help now in catching up!

So tell me what’s happening in your area. Which local races are you watching? What local Democratic events have you been doing? And what local news do you want me to cover this week?

You should know by now what I always tell you. This is your community as much as it’s mine. And as such, I’m opening the floor to you so you can tell me what’s been going on in the OC political world.

So go ahead… Talk to me! 🙂