Mickadeit’s Fact Checker

I’m grumpy this morning. Blame it on getting three hours sleep and a six hour flight delay from Dulles last night and that fact I had to dive into the recycling bin to grab Frank Mickadeit’s column from last Friday.

If you want a clearcut example of media bias, I’d challenge you to find anything in a Mickadeit column that might reflect positively on Larry Agran or the progressive council majority in Irvine.  Frank spent a lot of time bashing Agran’s State of the Great Park speech and it looks like Frank spent most of it with Christina Shea whispering in his ear and then reporting her comments as fact.

When a politican doesn’t talk to the press, and Agran seldom does, then they know the press will likely talk to everyone else.  But with the shoddy treatment the Register’s columnists have given Agran over the years, I can’t say I blame him for not granting any face time to Frank or Steve Greenhut or others. 

Anyone who watches council meetings at all could play the Shea drinking game; a shot everytime she says “I don’t know” or “I don’t understand.”  Blotto in no time my friends.

Geez Frank, how about some questions of Ms. Shea?

  • How much money is she seeking from the taxpayers for the reimbursement of legal fees steming from the settlement of her lawsuit to get access to the resumes and communications from applicants of the CEO search?
  • Who funded her and Choi to begin with; Shea has stated on this blog that “she is not a rich woman” and I doubt she dipped into her own coffers to suit herself (as a member of the board)?
  • How much money did Shea and Choi waste by agreeing to pay a recruiter for a C-level search only to thwart the search process by making it political?
  • How is that search coming along?
  • When will Shea stop insisting that Kurt Haunfelner, vice president of exhibits and collections at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, and the Great Park Board’s first choice for CEO, is Larry Agran’s “Best Friend” as she stated recently on Rick Reiff’s TV Program?  Haunfelner, who turned down the job, is the brother of the late Mark Steven Haunfelner, a former Agran aide (but in Christina’s world, that makes him Larry’s best friend even though he was selected based on criteria she herself provided to the search firm).
  • Does Shea still stand by her support of an OC Grand Jury report that states the County’s Board of Supervisor’s should want to take control of the Park away from the City of Irvine, even thought the City owns the land?
  • Why does Shea, with such a record of complaining about costs associated with the GreatPark balloon, use the image of the balloon in her campaign literature?
  • Did he ask her how her lobbying business was going? What “government relations services” she’s performing for what clients?  Or how that “Make Irvine More Romantic” initiative was going?  How about which lobbyists are spending their time and money in Shea’s camp these days, since it seams she’s doing everything to delay progress at the Park while all the while criticizing other GPBD members.


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  1. junior
    July 14, 2008 at 10:48 am

    I don’t know much about Irvine. I am just glad that I don’t live there.

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