Garden Grove & The Rocket’s Red Glare

I got an email from a group of Garden Grove Residents who have identified a number of fireworks booths that has what assume might consider questionable legitimicy. They have set up a website for people to get more information. More on the flip.

Why is the Westminster CHP office selling fireworks in Garden Grove?

The answer is simple. $$$

July 4 brings plenty of outsiders to Garden Grove. Some come to light fireworks. Others, however, come to make money. The 670 Club, an exclusive group of CHP employees–hardly an impoverished group by any stretch of the imagination–is a sparkling example of why the city needs to re-examine its policy of allowing non-Garden Grove groups to come to our city just to sell fireworks.

Are you buying fireworks this year? If so, urges you to visit a booth with ties to the Garden Grove community. Three booths within walking distance of the CHP Phantom booth benefit local high school groups. 

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  1. anonymous
    July 3, 2008 at 2:00 pm

    Illegal fireworks on the Fourt of July make Garden Grove look like “shock and awe” Bahgdad, Iraq.

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