Hillary’s Work (And Ours!) Isn’t Over Quite Yet

(Cross-posted at MyDD and Clintonistas for Obama)

Hey, everyone! I just wanted to share with you all a special message I received today. I hope you appreciate it as much as I do.

OK, I’m pretty sure you’ve guessed by now that this message is from Hillary Clinton. She may no longer be running for President, but she still wants to work her hardest for us. She knows there’s still work to be done to end the Iraq Occupation, restore our Constitutional form of government, solve the climate crisis, fix the economy, ensure everyone has quality, affordable health care, and do everything we need to do to put this nation back on the right {err, left 😉 } track. Oh yes, and she knows we’ll all need to work our hardest this year to ensure Barack Obama is our next President so that all our dreams can become reality.

There’s still so much work for us and for Hillary to do, but she can’t join us if we won’t help her. So if you can, please contribute what you can to help Hillary relieve her campaign debt. If you haven’t done so yet, please thank Hillary for all her hard work and let her know you’ve got her back. And please, if you haven’t done so yet sign up to be a part of Barack Obama’s campaign so that we can make the vision shared by Hillary and Barack of a better, stronger America can truly become reality.

So please, take some time to check out Hillary’s special message to us. And then, please go out and join Hillary in taking action. It’s imperative for us to do so to save our country.

Now’s our time. Today’s our day. Seize it! 🙂