CA-44: Tell Ken Calvert That Drilling Isn’t the Answer

This just in from the Bill Hedrick for Congress campaign. Ken Calvert actually thinks we can drill our way out of the energy crisis. We need to send a message to Calvert that he’s just flat out wrong!

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Last Thursday, Ken Calvert offered what he deemed his ‘commonsense solution’ to bring down gas prices. He quipped, “This is a drill bit. The drill bit goes into the ground. Oil comes out of the ground. Oil goes to a refinery. Gasoline comes out of a refinery. More gas, price comes down.”

This is just one more shining example of Mr. Calvert’s ineffective ‘solutions’ offered over the last sixteen years. The question before residents of the 44th District is simple: Can we really afford two more years of Mr. Calvert and his ‘solutions’ to the problems we face?

Your contribution today will help us show Mr. Calvert that we won’t accept two more years of his ‘commonsense.’

Drilling is not going the answer to our energy crisis. The facts are:

• If we began drilling America for oil tomorrow, there would be no immediate impact on the price of gas
• Increased drilling would require years to actually affect oil supplies – drilling is, at best, a temporary answer to a permanent problem
• All drilling impacts the environment – Over the past several years there have been more than 80 instances of oil leakage and spills from drilling rigs

My commonsense solution calls for investing in alternative energy research and technology. Solar research is a natural fit for Southern California with multiple benefits – it will make important strides in lessening our dependence on oil, and it will bring much needed living-wage jobs to our District.

Can you donate $5, $10, or $25 today to help me restore real commonsense solutions to Congress?

We here in the 44th District know what we’re going to get if Mr. Calvert is reelected come November – more of the same ineffective representation we’ve had for the last sixteen years. With your support we’ll show Mr. Calvert what we all know – it’s time for a change!


Bill Hedrick


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  1. Kate
    June 21, 2008 at 12:29 pm

    Right on! Even if they did start drilling for more oil, it’s still a finite resource. They drill more holes, pump out more fossil fuels, ruin the environment, and for what? – to be having this same conversation again in ten years because we’re almost out of oil! And now instead of being ready and having other energy resources in place, we’re scrambling to solve a problem we saw coming for years.

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