The McCain Myth

Hey, everyone! I’m sorry that I haven’t been spending much time with you all. Just know that I’m still dedicated to’s wonderful community, and I won’t be leaving any time soon.

But anyways, I’ve been working with one of my friends at Clintonistas for Obama on an exciting project that I want you to know about. It’s called The McCain Myth. We’re doing this so we can get out what the corporate media refuses to report.

I’m sure you’ve heard the media describe McCain as a “maverick” and a “moderate”. Well, that’s simply not true. In the past seven and a half years, McCain has voted for the Bush-Cheney agenda just over 90% of the time. And as President, he really wouldn’t be any different from Bush.

I’m sure some of you are rolling your eyes now in disbelief, but please don’t. See for yourself McCain’s record on the economy, on Iraq, on health care, on the environment, on civil rights, and on Constitutional matters. He’s been toeing the Bush-Cheney party line. Now how is that “change” from what we have now?

So anyways, please check out “The McCain Myth” at my new blog. And if you have any moderate-to-liberal friends who are even thinking about voting for McCain, please share this info with them. This election is too important for us to ignore, and we simply can’t afford a third Bush term.