I met my Superdelegates in San Francisco

After my trip to Hollywood, I suppose it is only appropriate that I journey to ‘Gay Mecca’, the great city of San Francisco. Actually just the hotel just outside of the airport.

Fri. 6/13/2008
To allow my spouse to take me to the airport, I missed the speed dating, er, campaigning of some 60 party folk who want presidential candidate calls at 3am. 19 spots are available. I had an interesting flight when I began to smell smoke in the cabin. Turns out it was the fires up here. (BIG WHEW!)

I missed DNC Chair, Governor Howard Dean but I was assured he was as engaging and wonderful as always.

Sat 6/14/2008
There are 3 Orange County guys running – David Sonnebourn, Henry Vandermier and Steve Young. On the woman side, DPOC ED, Melahat Rafiei. Not from OC, but CDP Regional Director (16) John Smith. The big speakers for the morning were Lt. Governor, John Garamendi (Acting Governor this weekend) and Attorney General, Jerry Brown. The highlight of the morning session was the airing of the winning video for Summer of Change 08 as well as the runners up. My personal favorite was number 3.

I spent some time in Rules Committee, I won’t go into the nitty gritty but we will be completing the protocol for the next ADEM reorganization in January 2009. When the details are approved, I will let you know. The other item I got was from Platform Committee Chair advising all of us, especially our candidates to review the CDP Platform

Sunday, 06/15/08
The real drama was on Sunday. First we get up and vote for our favorite 19 candidates to be a DNC Representative for the 2009-2012 Election Cycle. I got through the gauntlet, marked my ballot and had to go back through the gauntlet. The Resolutions Committee made their ballot recommendations on the propositions, four were pulled to change the recommendation. I am truly disappointed that the CDP did not adopt at the least, a neutral position on the redistricting. Regional Director John Smith and 48th CD Candidate, Steve Young made persuasive arguments to consider the League of Women Voters redistricting proposal. Perhaps not perfect but better than what was previously offered. Perhaps it’s a crap shoot, but the electorate would benefit from more competative races. I do not see much shift in LA or San Francisco Counties but it would certainly benefit our candidates here. The attempt was very soundly defeated and the CDP recommends a ‘NO’ vote on the redistricting.

Cracking into the DNC Representative club is also very difficult. It is also expensive is elected. 4 trips to DC on your dime. The last time (in 2004) I do not believe any newbies got on. This year, three new people got on. Alas, no one from Orange County. You can see the list here. I do offer congratulations to the three ‘rookies’: Jess Dufree (1st from San Diego), Andrew Lachman (Los Angeles), and Christine Pelosi (That shows how tough it is). DPOC Exec Direct, Melahat Rafiei was 2 places below (excellent first shot) and CDC President Henry Vandermier was 4 places below.

I believe the next CDP Executive Board Meeting will be in Anaheim. If we are, come a slummin’.

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  1. Northcountystorm
    June 19, 2008 at 11:59 pm

    Susan—There’s a reason the New Majority has put $500,000 in support of this reapportionment plan you’re touting: it will more likely than not wipe out the OC Democratic Districts with the criteria the measure establishes and the fact that Dems will only be 1/3 of the people making the decisions instead of the majority.

    And let’s not forget the Governor and the California Chamber of Commerce–it is they, not the League of Women Voters or COmmon Cause–that is funding this . This plan will create a reapportionment winter for the Dems(and maybe for some entrenched GOP hard core conservatives as well). And Steve Young said it does affect reapportionment of congressional districts so the one good thing about the plan–that it did NOT deal with congressional districts—is not true at least according to Steve Young.

    Back to the drawing board.

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