Historic Night in Hollywood

townhall2-061208.JPGECCO VP, Harvey Liss & I slipped past the border patrol to attend a special Town Hall meeting in Hollywood to celebrate the up and coming nuptials of some of our dear friends this coming Tuesday.

The crowd filled the theater and Harvey & I were left on the patio because of overflow. Jeff LeTourneau made it inside but was sitting on the floor (confirmed via TM). ECCO Pres, Jim Rogers joined us a little later. Overall the event was a very happy gathering of people from all walks of life. The ‘speechifyn’ was fed outdoors so we could hear.

After congratulations, the first order of business was to discuss the upcoming November election and the defeat of the constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage. Here is the website

The bulk of the meeting dealt with the marriage license application process and the legal aspects that must be considered before signing on the dotted line. What was amusing was the number of caterers, wedding planners, bakeries, etc. that were handing out business cards and brochures. My favorite is the photo of this young man and his tee shirt. My inner Bob Marley was channeled at the sight of this happy shirt.