CA-47: Loretta Sanchez in Action in Little Saigon

I’m sorry I couldn’t share this with you earlier, but I’m glad I can do so now. These photos came in over the transom. And as we view these photos, they tell an amazing story of Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-Fantastic) reaching out to the community.

Last weekend, Loretta Sanchez walked neighborhoods in Little Saigon. Yes, believe it or not, many Vietnamese-Americans love Sanchez and are increasingly becoming open to the Democratic Party. And from what I’ve heard, the reception was very warm to Sanchez last weekend.

OK, don’t believe me? Listen to this Vietnamese radio clip and hear for yourself what happened. Oh yes, and take a look at these photos. They really are worth many thousands of words.

This really shows Loretta Sanchez’s and the Democratic Party’s commitment to being a voice for all working families in Orange County. The GOP does not “own” Little Saigon now, and they certainly won’t going into the future. :-)