Calling all Irvine Parents: Save Class Sizes in Grades 4-12

It’s a given, students do better when their class sizes are smaller.  IUSD is facing more than $12 million cuts (with no help from our state legislators I might add), and the Irvine City Council, through the actions of city councilor Sukhee Kang, have stepped up to help.  So instead of writing a check to DeVore in 08 (he’s just going to spend it elsewhere), write that check to IPSF.

See the message below and do the right thing.

In April, Irvine USD was forced to make $12.4 million in cuts for the 2008-9 school year. Among the most tragic of those cuts was an across-the-board class size increase for grades 4-12. This cut would give $1.8 million in savings by degrading instructional quality with less teacher time per student, more workload for teachers, and some teacher layoffs.

So we are thrilled to learn that the Irvine City Council has unanimously approved a grant to restore class sizes to this year’s levels. It is a $900,000. matching grant to the Irvine Public Schools Foundation. IPSF can match $500,000 of that with funds already collected (mostly through the house raffle) for next year. IPSF needs our help to match the other $400,000. by August 30. That’s a big number! Please invest in your child’s education by giving as generously as you are able. See the IPSF donation page,, for more information and an online or printable donation form. Because Irvine values education, we have this opportunity to protect our kids from the worst effects of state budget cuts. Let’s do it!