Who is Backing The Shea/Choi Yes on Measure H Campaign?

The Irvine Citizens for Ethics in Government has an interesting loist of backers.

Rep. Chuck DeVore has taken $5K out of his “DeVore in 08” campaign coffers to back a measure that both Shea and Choi opposed two years ago.  And Councilor Steven Choi has decided to spend $3K from his ill-fated Steven Choi for Assembly funds for the effort. I am actually surprised he even raised that much for that particular race.

Judith Ware chips of Ware Disposal chips in with a $1500 contribution.  But developer Richard Hall of R. Hall Investment Properties kicked in a cool $10,000.  TravelLandUSA rounded out the giving with a $500 drop in the bucket.

Proceeds went to pay for TV spots featuring Christina Shea and Steven Choi pushing for Measure H, the anti-lobbying measure on the ballot today.  Two years ago, both Shea and Choi not only voted against the Irvine Ethics ordinance, but they offered up an alternative that would approve the ethics ordinance without the lobbying provision.  So their support for this measure today represents a huge FLIP and FLOP. 

And our friend Allan Bartlett of Powder Blue showed up on a flyer for Shea and Choi for objecting to “our children and their education being pawns in a political game” after the progressive city council majority put forth a plan to help out Irvine Unified after, what Allan says, was a rejection of aid in 2002.  I didn’t know Allan even had any kids in the district, but I will say that the city has made a number of contributions to IUSD over the years from paying part of the salary of the district’s CFO to joint use agreements to other grants and aid, courtesy of the progressive council majority.