Moorlach is a sore-loser!

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Union official accuses supes of “stacking” OCERS board

June 3, 2008 by PEGGY LOWE

tlightvoet1.jpgBoy oh boy, are the unions upset about a recent move by Supe John Moorlach to replace Tom Lightvoet (pictured) on the Orange County Retirement System Board with his own canddiate, Patti Gorczyca.

Frank Eley, the president of the Orange County Employees Union but speaking as a member of the OC Employees Retirement System Board of Directors, accused the board of dumping Lightvoet mid-term because he opposes the board’s lawsuit attempting to cut the deputies retroactive pension benefits.  Eley said that the abrupt termination is being done since the board opted to sue OCERS in its legal move to cut the pensions.

“This smacks of petty infighting and bruised egos,” Eley said.

The county’s two union bosses, Wayne Quint and Nick Berardino, also opposed the move and asked the board to postpone a vote.

At the urging of Supe Bill Campbell, the supes did just that, postponing a vote until June 24. Seems there’s what they are calling a difference of opinion on just when Lightvoet’s term is complete OCERs says it’s not done until December 2010.

In defending the move, Moorlach said he had been friends with Lightvoet for 25 years, but that he believes a “business relationship” Lightvoet has with the Association of Orange County Deputies is a conflict of interest. Lightvoet’s support from the unions, Moorlach said, “seems to make an interesting statement.”

“I have a concern about whether we are being properly represetned and whether there’s a conflict of interest,” Moorlach said.

So John, what’s the matter? you can’t get the Retirement Board to roll over so you replace them. Looks to me like You’re taking a page from Richard Nixon’s “Saturday Night Massacre” play book. Calling you a horses a** and spoiled brat would be too kind.

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  1. keepdapeace
    June 3, 2008 at 3:34 pm

    This is just typical for John the Arrogant. Would you expect anything less from him? He turned on Chriss Street and who knows how many others he has backstabbed. But we all know John’s true archenemy is every hardworking county employee who is willing to work in a county where disdain for the working man starts at thetop.

  2. Kat
    June 3, 2008 at 3:59 pm

    “I have a concern about whether we are being properly represented and whether there’s a conflict of interest,” Moorlach said.
    Moorloch, in case you forgot, YOU are suing the retirement board. So where is the conflict of interest? They (ocers) are not representing you.
    Moorlach must stop playing these political games. He is acting like a bully because he knows he was suckered by the Law firm, Kirkland & Ellis, LLP, who took on this case for him. He realizes now that he is going to look like an idiot when the taxpayers are stuck with the legal fees from this firm. BTW, how much has money have we lined the wallets of Kirkland & Ellis thus far???

  3. RHackett
    June 3, 2008 at 5:18 pm

    If my legal sources are correct, the County could be on the hook for K & E, OCERS, and deputies legal expenses. Now that the trial has been moved to LA that is a very real possibility.

    Thank you John for bringing this dog with fleas lawsuit. The taxpayer only gets screwed three times.

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