Clean Energy v. Big Polluters


This just in from Environment California. Now that the state is about to decide how to implement the landmark 2006 legislation that set the goal of reducing California’s greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2020, we have a chance to tell the Governor that we want to go forward with a strategy to actually accomplish that. Please check out the message below, and consider sending a message to Arnold telling him to keep his promise.

Hi Reader,

In 2006, we won a big victory when California set a goal of cutting global warming pollution 25% by 2020. Now we’re in the final throes as Gov. Schwarzenegger chooses how we will meet that goal.

From my perspective it could go two ways. One way would allow the state’s biggest polluters to create windfall profits by selling pollution “credits” they get for free (which is what happened in Europe). The other way: make polluters pay for their pollution, and funnel that money into wind and solar power, greener buildings, and a cleaner transportation system.

Please join our campaign and tell Gov. Schwarzenegger we need to reward clean energy, not polluters:

It’s critical that California get this right. The nation is watching, and you can expect the model we set for fighting global warming to be repeated around the country.

Of course, oil companies and other powerful polluters aren’t too keen on a plan that takes on their bottom line and stranglehold on the market. That’s why they are using their influence with the governor to try to keep us dependent on dirty energy.

I want to see a clean, green economy in California, but we are going to need a drumbeat of public support to overcome the opposition of big polluters. Take action, and make sure we reward clean energy, and deter the worst polluters:

Thanks for standing up for California’s environment.


Dan Jacobson
Environment California Legislative Director

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  1. Ken
    June 9, 2008 at 7:12 pm

    The manufacturing guys over at Evolving Excellence had a good post today on “big oil” relatively low profit margins, but with a twist. Did you know the endowments of Harvard, Yale, and others went up over 20% last year? Those private universities are just sitting on the cash, while Big Oil is at least reinvesting in new energy sources (even green) and paying dividends to help support little old ladies in retirement. They reference one WaPo article that says Big Oil profit could educate 60,000 kids… well the increasing endowments at Harvard could let Harvard build a dozen more Harvards and educate that many kids each year. Who should get nailed with a windfall profits tax?


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