Todd Gallinger responds to Irvine Tattler over Smear Attempt

The Irvine Tattler, a pro-Shea/Choi website that doesn’t allow readers to comment directly to correct obvious mistakes or disagree with a story, ran a private email from local lawyer Todd Gallinger, the treasurer for the “Yes on Measure H” organization in Irvine.  Gallinger wrote to Tattler editor Stephen Smith in a attempt to correct the record in weak attempts by Smith to smear Islamic organizations Gallinger has represented in legal matters and try to fan the flame of Islamofacism in Irvine in a further attempt to divide the community along racial lines. 

Simply put, Smith seeks to link Beth Krom, Larry Agran and Suhkee Kang to Islamic groups simply because Krom and Gallinger use the same printer. 

Since the Tattler won’t give voice to Gallinger, we will.  Here’s a copy of the Letter Gallinger sent to Smith on Friday.  This is similar to the post we had earlier, but there is some new material and its something I don’t think the Tattler will publish.

Mr. Smith:As an attorney, I’m required to use discretion when it comes to client matters.  As a result, I make it a policy to not talk about who I do or don’t represent unless I have that person’s permission.  Thankfully in this case, I can address all issues raised as they involved public initiatives and I have permission to speak publicly, though solely in a personal capacity.Regarding the Islamic organizations you mention, I’ve represented The Council on American Islamic Relations California (CAIR-CA) in two class action lawsuits, filed together with the ACLU, addressing long term systematic delays in the processing of citizenship applications.  I’ve volunteered with CAIR-CA for many years and consult with them often in connection with other community activities I’m involved in.  I know all the people involved in the Anaheim office quite well, and am proud to consider them friends.The other groups you mentioned, IIRO, MWL, and WAMY, are all foreign based Islamic charities and NGOs.  They are members of a Washington, D.C. based trade association called Friends of Charities Association (FOCA).  When attending George Washington Law School in D.C.  I worked with FOCA on developing a system of best practices to strengthen financial controls for these and other nonprofits.  I am also proud of the work I did with FOCA, and like to think it might help protect our national security.

I believe that your choice to bring up my work with these organizations when attacking me for my involvement in the Yes on Measure H campaign is evidence of a biased and bigoted person.  There is no reasonable connection, but because the groups were Muslim, you chose to try and smear me for that past work.  You had absolutely no knowledge of the work I did, but assumed that because it was linked to Muslims that it must be bad.  This is the exact same tactic adopted the right-wing attack machine in trying to smear Obama by calling him Muslim.

As for your equally offensive claims about the Yes on Measure H Committee, I can see that you attempt to hide behind your words and create confusion, probably because the truth would not look good for the Shea-Choi machine you shill for.  You accusations are so convoluted they are near insensible, but what I’ve been able to figure out is simply wrong.

To my knowledge, we have never met.  But you make presumptions about my character and imply that I am untruthful when I tell you I have no knowledge of the Mayor’s use of as the same vendor as Yes on Measure H Irvine.  The truth is I do not know the Mayor’s treasurer, or when or how she cuts checks; I did not see the Mayor’s mailer until it came out nor know which printer she used.  Because I know this be true, I must conclude that your accusations of improper behavior can only be based on internal knowledge of the Shea-Choi right-wing political machine and the tricks and tactics it uses.

For example, I note that throughout your website you have failed to mention Shea and Choi’s support of Measure H.  You have also not discussed “Irvine Citizens for Ethics in Government, Yes on H” and their TV commercials featuring Christina Shea and Steven Choi.  An “independent” group raising tens of thousands of dollars in developer’s money to promote the “ethics” of Shea and Choi but you don’t say anything?  Your selectivity shows your intention is to smear anyone who threatens their grip on power and obscure rather than reveal truths.

I assume that you have by now received the Yes on Measure H Irvine mailer, but I see that you have not posted it as you said you would.  If you don’t have access to a scanner, let me know and I’ll send over a PDF.  But maybe your words were just hollow and you don’t want your readers to see what a real newspaper, the OC Register and not the fake Irvine Chronicle or Tattler, concluded after investigating the original ethics provision, that it “could be trouble for Councilwoman Christina Shea, who is a lobbyist.”  Note how the conclusion of how an independent publication, reached by following journalistic ethics, differs from your own.

As you saw it fit to publish my last email (intended to be private and friendly), I request that you also post this one in its entirety on your website, unless you are too afraid to do so.

Very truly yours,

Todd Gallinger