CA-42: Joe Wilson Fundraisers Are a Big Success for Ron Shepston!

This just in from the Ron Shepston for Congress campaign ( Apparently, folks loved the recent Joe Wilson events benefitting the Shepston campaign! Here’s the scoop from the Shepston campaign on what happened. 🙂

Joe Wilson Fundraisers Raises $14K for Ron Shepston

*Orange County, CA* More than 100 supporters attended a fundraiser for Ron Shepston featuring former ambassador Joe Wilson, Wednesday May 21st at Oak Creek Canyon near Irvine Lake. Fourteen thousand dollars was raised at both events featuring Wilson. Attendees at the Orange County event dined in a picturesque park setting while Joe Wilson discussed politics and life after his wife, Valerie Plame’s betrayal by the Bush administration.

Vocalist, Valerie Bloome, 19, entertained while the guests enjoyed a picnic supper. Later, Joe Wilson gave a moving speech and answered questions. He discussed reasons why voters should support Shepston. Following Wilson’s presentation, Ron Shepston thanked his supporters and discussed his campaign for the 42nd Congressional district to much applause.

Afterwards, while Wilson signed copies of his book, “The Politics of Truth”, the Midnight Whiskey band entertained under the moonlight.

Among the attendees were Rancho Santiago Community College District Vice President Dr. David Chapel, 35th Senate District candidate Ginny Mayer, 33rd Senate District candidate Gary Pritchard, and Santa Margarita Water District candidate Gary Kephart, Democratic Party of Orange County Executive Director Melahat Rafiei, and Political Director Lindsay Hopkins, as well as Mark Geragos firm attorney Shelly Kaufman.

*Joe Wilson Appears on Behalf of Ron Shepston in Santa Monica*

Eighty supporters attended a second event hosted by Jerry Manpearl and Jan Goodman in their Santa Monica home, including moderators Bree Walker, KTLK talk radio personality and former LA news anchor, Dr. Valerie Kirkgaard of, and Marcy Winograd. Also attending were Michelle Phillips, Dr. Steven Zax, and Mayor Antonio Villairagosa staffer, Larry Frank.

Ambassador Joe Wilson was the last American official to meet with Saddam Hussein before Desert Storm, successfully parrying the dictator’s threats to use American hostages as human shields against US bombing. Yet since July 2003, Wilson has been battling intimidation by another government- his own. After George W. Bush alleged that Iraq hadsought nuclear material in Africa, Wilson called the administration on the lie in a New York Times Op-Ed. Wilson had spoken out because he traveled to Niger at the CIA’s request, and found no evidence there to support the claim. To punish Wilson and scare others who might come forward, senior administration officials leaked to reporters the name of Wilson’s wife, Valerie Plame, and her covert CIA status. But rather than back down after the bullying, Wilsn continued to criticize the administration’s case for war. In a book that encourages all Americans to build a stronger democracy in their hometowns, Wilson continues to fight the good fight by revealing the perils to the country from a war-hungry and vindictive White House.

Ron Shepston, an avionics engineer an veteran, is a 27-year resident of Orange County, currently residing in the 42nd Congressional District in Silverado Canyon with his wife Belinda, a teacher’s aide. Ron enlisted in the Air Force in 1966 and worked on Minuteman I & II ICBM missile systems at Malmstrom AFB, Great Falls, MT. After an honorable discharge in 1970, Ron worked in construction while putting himself through school with the help of the GI Bill, where he received a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering with a focus on physics, and currently consults for Panasonic Avionics Corporation in Lake Forest.