California Democrats Say NO to Prop 98 & YES to Prop 99!

This just in from the CA Democratic Party. Don’t believe the Prop 98 cheerleaders. If you want real eminent domain reform vote NO on 98 and YES on 99!

Landlords are waging a deceptive campaign to pass Prop 98 to increase their profits at the expense of hard working Californians. They are using the issue of eminent domain to rewrite our state constitution for their benefit. And they are counting on Democrats staying home and not voting so we need you to vote on June 3rd to help beat back their scheme.

That’s why the California Democratic Party has joined a broad coalition in opposing 98, including AARP, League of Women Voters of California, California Professional Firefighters, California Teachers Association, National Wildlife Federation and over 300 other well-respected groups.

Voters who want real eminent domain reform have a choice. Proposition 99, also on the same ballot, would prevent government from taking a home to give to a private developer. Real reform, simple reform and no hidden agendas.

Election day is less than three weeks from today and vote by mail ballots went out last week. Whether you vote by mail or go to your local precinct, please join the Democratic Party in voting No on 98 and Yes on 99 on June 3!

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  1. Claudio Gallegos
    May 15, 2008 at 10:05 pm


    I am not a Proposition 98 cheeleader, so I hope people believe me. Vote NO on 98 and 99. They both are not the fix. 98 is a landlord scheme to screw poor families, while Prop 99 is a developers scheme to keep the right to use government to steal someone’s small business so they can develop what they want.

    Andrew, your a smart kid but sometimes you are a bit too much of a cheerleader. Neither proposition is real reform. No on 98 and 99!

  2. larry gilbert
    May 17, 2008 at 5:13 pm

    Brother Andrew. I have not visited your site in some time but seeing your above post is a big disappointment to me.

    You are ignoring all of the small business owners who lack the deep pockets to fight the greedy redevelopment agencies in our 478 CA cities.

    Not every small business owner, family farmer or church has the deep pockets to fight off these bogus eminent domain actions. So for all the minorities whom I have met across this nation, most of which are Democrats, I am sure they have a different slant than your post.

    Sorry that you were not in Baldwin Park with me to interface with the 200 Latinos who are scared that they will shortly be out in the street if Prop 98 fails to prevail. Should we lose on June 3rd perhaps I will give them your email address.

    Let me quote from a June 10, 2006 letter that I have from CA Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters which reads in part ” In my state of California, the law limits the use of eminent domain for economic development of “blighted areas–purportedly meeting a “public use” requirement. All over the country, unfortunately, the word “blight” has been used as a term of art by local governments to make almost any economic development project worthy of exercising eminent domain. California’s Health and Safety Code defines “blight” with such overbroad terms that the government can almost justify the exercise of eminent domain in any set of circumstances.”

    The Congresswoman goes on to say “just because you are poor does not mean that your right to private property is worth any less than that of a wealthy developer.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I commend you in your continual fight for the small and underrepresented Americans. Thank you.”

    Andrew and Claudio. While you may not become a victim there may be someone in your family or a neighbor who works for a small business that will become a victim of a bogus eminent domain “taking” that is outside the boundaries of a valid public use. As such, you should consider others as you recommend your preference to your readers.
    Larry Gilbert, Orange County Chairman, Prop 98 campaign

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