Hoa Van Tran UPDATE: Grindle files complaint with AG

I found the following in the comments to the Total Buzz post about our investigation of Hoa Van Tran’s campaign disclosure reports and Matt Cunningham’s complaint to the DA. Here is the Total Buzz story.

(OCRegister Photo) shirley grindle Says:
May 10th, 2008 at 4:06 pm
There is a lot more than $8,000 of unreported in-kind contributions and camapaign expenditures that Hoa Van Tran has failed to disclose. After looking at all the information available and his disclosure statement, the total appears to be a little over $17,000. My complaint to the Attorney General’s office provides the details to back up these figures. This appears to be a flagrant violation of the State’s disclosure laws.

In talking with Shirley, she thinks that this is more a violation of State disclosure laws and less a violation of Tin-Cup. At any rate, this matter has now been forwarded on to both the OC District Attorney and the Attorney General. The remaing questions are really simple.

  1. How much longer will we have to wait for Hoa Van Tran to amend his reports?
  2. Will the DA, FPPC, or AG do anything about it?
  3. Will the LATimes cover this story?
  4. Will this story be covered in anything but a blog post by the OCRegister?

I wonder what will happen next in this wild contest for First District Supervisor?