Congratulations to All Our DFA-OC Endorsed Candidates!

So how many of you voted at our DFA Endorsement Meeting last Wednesday? If you were there, then this isn’t new news for you. But for all of you who couldn’t attend, I wanted to share the good news with all of you.

So anyways, please follow me after the flip to find out who your favorite local grassroots progressives are supporting…

OK, without any further adieu… Here are your DFA endorsed candidates, Orange County!

State Races:

67th Assembly District- Steve Blount (D)

68th Assembly District- Ken Arnold (D)
33rd Senate District- Gary Pritchard (D)

Federal Races:
40th Congressional District- Christina Avalos (D)
42nd Congressional District- Ron Shepston (D)
46th Congressional District- Debbie Cook (D)

This is in addition to our earlier endorsements of:

State Races:

35th Senate District- Ginny Mayer (D)

Federal Races:

44th Congressional District- Bill Hedrick (D)
48th Congressional District- Steve Young (D)

Congratulations to all our wonderful progressive Democrats! They all showed us their commitment to the values we share at DFA, and they impressed us with their ability to put up a good fight against the Republican machine and work their hardest to win. I’m proud to announce that these fine Democratic candidates have the full support of DFA-Orange County, and we encourage OC progressives to go out and support these great folks running to end the GOP culture of corruption and start putting working people first again. 🙂

(Disclaimer: I sit on the DFA-Orange County endorsement committee.)