You Can’t Cut Your Way to Profitability

It was pretty widely reported that the OC Register cut 5% of its workforce last week.  I get the Register delivered to my door every morning (along with the LA Times, NY Times and Wall Street Journal).

Rather than call to complain this morning, I thought I’d post something here.  Today’s Register contained Yesterday’s Local section.  The entire section is yesterday’s paper.  And no Arts/Entertainment section, so no comics this morning either.  Dammit!  And the same Frank Mickadeit column two days in a row is not the same as a new “Rudy Park.”

Rather that cutting staff, how about investing in putting out a great newspaper everyday and not recycling yesterday’s news? I already get recycled Register new with the OC Post/Irvine World News.  Spin it how you want over at Grand Ave, but how many times do I need to see the same story edited and laid out differently? How is that going to make me stay on the page?