CA-42: More Good News from Ed Chau

Wow! The Ed Chau for Congress campaign is really picking up steam in the 42nd. Not only are they expanding their OC operations, but it looks like the candidate himself will be making some special appearances down this way soon. With all the hard work Ed Chau’s putting into this race, I’m sure we can go the distance in turning this district blue. 🙂

*Chau Campaign Expands Staff * *Chau to Make Three Orange County Appearances in May*

*Chau to Make Three Orange County Appearances in May**ROWLAND HEIGHTS, California* The Ed Chau for U.S. Congress campaign proudly announces the hiring of Drew Cornick to the OC Staff. Drew Cornick, an Orange County native, was hired as the Chau campaign intensifies in preparation for the June 3rd primary. Cornicks hiring coincides with the recent completion of a successful ballot initiative campaign. The Chau campaign felt that Drew’s passion, experience and commitment would be a welcome addition to the entire team.

In other news, Ed Chau appeared at the DNOC meeting on May 1, and will be speaking at the next OC Young Democrats meeting as well as the Democrats of South Orange County on May 8 and May 13, respectively. Chau is seeking the endorsement of the OC Young Democrats. Chau intends to meet as many Orange County voters as possible between now and election day. “I find that once voters meet me in person, they are much more likely to support me because they like my experience and my values. I hope Orange County voters will come to hear me speak at the upcoming events. I look forward to telling everyone why I’m running and how I plan to restore integrity to the 42nd Congressional District’s representation in D.C.”

*Ed Chau is a highly qualified Democratic candidate for Congress who will fight for ethics and integrity in the U.S. Congress. For more information, please visit his web site at