OC Janitors Strike!

One of our readers reminded us this morning that there is other important stuff happening in Orange County than the 1st District contest. He’s right of courese. We usually save the meaty stuff until after the weekend.



May 5, 2008.

The Orange County and Los Angeles County janitor’s contract expired last Wednesday, April 30th. We have yet to reach a settlement, as, after over two months of negotiations, 1) cleaning contractors delayed in discussing economic issues at the bargaining table and 2) The Irvine Company, the largest landlord in Orange County, has so far refused to engage and — based on the positions taken by their contractors, may be intent on maintaining unacceptably low wage and benefit levels. This lack of engagement is in sharp contrast to the leadership role The Irvine Company took in 2003, when janitors secured health care for their families.

The Irvine Company is dragging Orange County into a crisis.

As you know, janitors remain committed to actively bargain and reach a fair contract in a timely manner, but remain concerned that the lack of progress at the negotiating table and attempts by cleaning contractors to illegally intimidate janitors and commit unfair labor practices, may result in labor unrest.

Janitors in Los Angeles and Orange County had strike authorization meetings.