Janet “Santa Ana’s Choice”???

When I got home yesterday in my mailbox I found a slick shiny mailer from the campaign of Supervisor Janet Nguyen.  The mailer was a plea from Santa Ana Councilman, and Janet’s fellow Reep, Carlos Bustamante urging Santa Ana voters to support her candidacy.  Carlos claims that Janet is “Santa Ana’s choice” despite the fact that he is the only elected official in Santa Ana to support her.

Joining in Bustamante’s effort to paint Janet as “Santa Ana’s choice” were the names of 3 former Republican councilmembers and the leaders of 3 of the 62 neighborhood associations.  That’s right Janet has the support of 4% of the leaders of our neighborhood associations and less than a handful of Republicans that have served on our city council and they want to make the absurd claim that she is “Santa Ana’s choice”.  I don’t think so.

One of those neighborhood leaders who offered support to Janet was Joe Andrade of the Logan Neighborhood.  I am not surprised that Joe was backing Janet because as part of her pandering efforts she gave $5000 to Logan Park, now Chepa’s Park, for some playground equipment.  Joe on the other hand was quite surprised when I telephoned him last night to let him know that Janet has received the financial backing of Ware Disposal and their lawyer A. Patrick Munoz.

Joe, his family and others like Sam Romero have been waging a battle against Ware Disposal in an effort to protect their neighborhood from the destruction being caused by the trash hauler.  I know for a fact that Joe and company would much rather have a member of the Board of Supervisors that stands up to Ware rather than one that takes her money.  I know for a fact that they would trade the $5000 Janet gave the park in exchange for somebody in government that will make Ware obey the law.

After my conversation with Joe he told me that he was going to call Janet and demand that she return the money to Ware and Munoz.  Local activist Thomas Gordon was also appalled at Janet taking the trashy money and said that he was gonna do the same thing.  I encourage everyone else to call her campaign and do the same thing.  That number is (714) 783-7229.

If Janet does not return the money I hope all those Santa Ana residents supporting her reconsider and join me and others in voting for the one candidate that will defend our community from the likes of Judy Ware, Hoa Van Tran.  Hoa has the values to best represent our community and should be “Santa Ana’s choice”.

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  1. May 1, 2008 at 10:30 am

    what i found really funny was that alberta christy is also a supporter on that mailer. why would anybody put hands down the worst councilperson santa ana has ever had on their mailer. she’s really reaching there. is she that desperate?

  2. Art Pedroza
    May 1, 2008 at 11:42 am


    Alberta was usless, but as she the worst Council Member we ever had? That is a bit of a stretch. I think I would put Crazy Clownia atop that list, with Sal Tinajero not far behind.

  3. Art Pedroza
    May 1, 2008 at 11:45 am


    Isn’t it true that YOUR Council allies have all taken money from Ware? In fact I hear that even Sal Tinajero has taken her money. And didn’t they ALL take her money for Measure D, which you, Sal, Claudia, Miguel, etc. all supported? I don’t recall you crying about Ware’s donations to Measure D.

    So are you going to ask Vince, Claudia, and MIguel to give back to Ware all the money she has given them over the years? When are you planning to make that request?

    The fact is Ware has given money to ALL the supervisors. She tosses money around like a drunken sailor. That doesn’t mean Janet is going to do her bidding, but let’s see how YOUR Council allies handle the Ware CUP that is coming up at the Planning Commission YOU sit on.

    BTW, I hear that Ware has also given money to Measure G. Are you going to ask Al Amezcua to give that money back too?

  4. Dan Chmielewski
    May 2, 2008 at 9:19 am

    Wait Art, let me get this straight. Janet takes money from Ware and its…OK. But if any other politician does, its not?

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