Question: Which Reep Has “Gone to the Gutter” in SD 33?

OK, I couldn’t help myself. A friend gave me a link to Red County/OC Blog this morning, and I just had to read it. Apparently, the fireworks are really going off in the GOP Primary for the 33rd State Senate District (a HUGE swath of Inland OC stretching from Fullerton all the way to Laguna Niguel).

Today, all the Reeps are talking about State Assm. Mimi Walters’ hard hits against Anaheim Councilmember Harry Sidhu, basically calling him a “liberal, pro-ACLU, illegal alien lover” (Welcome to the club, Harry!)… And maybe going too far in including “racist” photos darkening his skin? But hey, Mimi Walters supporters say that she only struck back against Harry Sidhu’s hard hits against her, basically calling her a “liberal” (Welcome aboard, Mimi!) and claiming that she’s part of the “problem in Sacramento.” Whoa, it looks like the primary’s getting awfully “contested” over in SD 33!

So what do you think about all the wild & crazy nastiness on the GOP side in SD 33? Have you actually received any of these attack ad mailers? And if so, who do you think is being more negative?

Oh yes, and why do these Reeps always use “liberal” like it’s a cuss word? Last I checked, “liberal” meant individual rights, equal opportunity, and free thought. Why would the GOP not like that… Oh wait, I think I can answer my own question.

But anyway, go ahead and have your say… On the wonderful GOP gutter fight in SD 33. 🙂