Debbie Cook – Campaign Office to Open and Democratic Registration Drive

It’s going to be a busy and exciting couple of weeks for Debbie Cook’s Congressional Campaign.  Not only will she be accepting volunteer help and in kind donations on Saturday May 3rd, just a week later her new offices will be hold a Campaign Kick Off Party and Democratic Registration Drive!

Building on the momentum from endorsements by groups across the district, Huntington Beach Mayor Debbie Cook’s campaign for Congress will open an office on Beach Boulevard in Huntington Beach.”It’s exciting to have a base of operations for our campaign, where people from across the district can work together to get our message out to voters,” said Cook. “Our supporters are eager to spread our message of fiscal responsibility, healing our economy, creating green jobs, and ending the war in Iraq”On Saturday, May 3, at 10 AM, supporters are asked to make in-kind donations of office furniture and office supplies at a morning office-warming.Particular needs for our new office are work tables, free-standing cubicle or room dividers, folding chairs, and a hand-cart.Volunteers are also invited to join us for late morning/early afternoon precinct walking.

On May 10, at 10 AM we will be starting a voter registration drive and will have a Campaign Kick-Off Party at 5 PM.The office will be open daily from 10 AM to 7 PM, Monday through Friday, 10 AM to 6 PM Saturday and 12 noon to 5 PM on Sunday.

Information regarding the details of the registration drive beneath the cut…

The Debbie Cook for Congress Campaign is going to be participating in the 50 state voter registration drive on May 10th, with a focused, highly organized effort to target apartments in the 46th Congressional District where we know we have high turnover, low registration, yet a very high likelihood that new voters we register will be Democratic.

The event will begin at 10:00, when we will do brief trainings, then send volunteers out with maps, precincts, voter registration forms, and permanent absentee ballot applications.

The registration drive will coincide with the opening of the Debbie Cook campaign office at 17308 Beach Blvd in Huntington Beach , so when everyone comes back, they will get some great food, have a chance to meet Debbie, and have some fun.

We’d love to have the Democratic Club of West Orange County participate in this event, and we would also like it if we can have plenty of information about the club and representatives.

For anyone who is interested, they can just show up, or they can let us know they are coming by sending a quick email to

It’s so important that Democrats take advantage of the tremendous momentum that this primary season has given the entire party.  Registering Democrats is imperative as well as supporting down ticket races.  Debbie Cook is just one of the amazing Democrats running for office in Orange County.  I hope you will not only take the time to help register new voters but to learn more about the local races that depend on involvement from you. 


Heather Irene Justus

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