Street Swept Under The Rug. AGAIN!

The Orange County Register’s Peggy Lowe reports today that Treasurer Chriss Street has been cleared in a contract probe by County CEO Tom Mauk, but several county workers are disciplined after purchasing process violations.

Go Figure.  The executives at the top usually get away with the stuff they direct, while the mid-level managers and workers get the shaft.

From the Register story:

Treasurer-Tax Collector Chriss Street has been cleared by the county’s top administrator of tampering with a controversial contract, but several county workers have been disciplined for violating purchasing rules.

An internal investigation found that Street didn’t participate in the altering of an $18,000 contract for Ware Malcomb, but that several other county workers did, CEO Tom Mauk said Wednesday. Street wanted the Irvine architectural firm to design plans for rehabbing the front of the Hall of Finance and Records, where his office is located. Read the rest here.

What a damn mess.