How to Stay in Touch with Voters

Does Dana do this? 

Last Sunday, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez went Precinct Walking with volunteers Mitch Starr and Gareth Vaz in Anaheim;they spoke with dozens of voters to hear what was on their minds and to register new voters as well.

Photo H/T, Fox

Congresswoman Sanchez comes back to the district every weekend, so if you live in Fullerton, Anaheim, Garden Grove, and Santa Ana (within CD-47), Loretta might come knocking on your door.  Since first being elected to Congress in 1996, the sixth Congresswoman continues to walk her district  as a way of personally communicating with voters; Rep. Sanchez receives support and votes from Republicans and Democrats alike.  By talking to the voters at their homes or attending community events, Loretta Sanchez is able to keep in close touch with the voters in her district.   Interested in joining Team Loretta?  Please contact Marc Sussman at the campaign office at 714-839-4431 if you are interested in lending Loretta Sanchez’s campaign a hand.