“True Grit”

This was just too awesome for me not to share with you all. I know the Republicans here always like to talk “tough” and pull out the photos of Ronnie Reagan & John Wayne & all things “tough” to show us what their true grit is made of. But really, do you think John McCain will be able to take on the truly tough challenges of our economy in shambles, our health care system in critical condition, our climate in crisis, and our foreign policy out of whack?

I think I agree with Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (daughter of RFK and former Lt. Gov. of Maryland) here:

[…] I think what weÂ’ve got in Hillary Clinton is someone who knows how to get things done, and is willing to fight — for health care for all Americans, to bring our troops home, to make sure weÂ’ll have 5 million new green jobs and 3 million jobs in infrastructure. We want somebody whoÂ’s got the grit to get down in the details and solve problems. I want somebody who knows that we are in the worst economic times since the Great Depression, who understands what that requires, and who has a grasp on how to solve these problems. […]

Hillary can get things done. The issue of experience is, who can actually get things done? SheÂ’s got a plan for 5 million green jobs, sheÂ’s got a plan for 3 million infrastructure jobs. […] But sheÂ’s been in the Senate for a while. SheÂ’s been the first lady of the United States, the first lady of Arkansas. She is accustomed to actually seeing a problem and trying to solve it.

Right on, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend! I totally agree. Hill’s tough enough to get the job done.

I don’t care what the far-right naysayers and the big media pundits say. I know Hillary has the true grit to solve our problems and get this nation back on track as our next President. Take that, Bush McSame & GOP! 😉