Santa Ana City Council “getting rid of good newspaper reporters”…Now that’s ridiculous

The local blogosphere is filled with all sorts of things.  Some are informative.  Some are funny.  Some are just downright ridiculous.

An example of the latter was the recent allegation by one local blogger that the Santa Ana City Council has been “getting rid of good newspaper reporters” and compared them to a “totalitarian government”.  This a very serious charge to make and if true there should be serious repercussions.  Unfortunately the blogger failed to back this quite slanderous charge up with any evidence whatsoever.

What gives?  Where’s the proof?

My question to the public and to any local reporter that might be reading this, have you heard of Santa Ana Councilmembers “getting rid” of reporters?  If so, would you please share with us what you know and any evidence that you might have that can actually prove this outlandish claim.

I am all for the spirited debate of the issues.  People all have their favorites and their not-so-favorites among our local electeds.  I am no different, I don’t hide the fact that I am a friend and supporter of Santa Ana Councilman Sal Tinajero.  With that being said, if I found out that he and the rest of the Santa Ana City Council were personally responsible for “getting rid” of reporters based on their writing I would definately take him to task.

I think that when people use the blogosphere to slander their political opponents with baseless allegations such as the assertion that they are “getting rid of good newspaper reporters” it cheapens the effectiveness of any good they and the rest of us may do.  We here at the Liberal OC may make “mountains out of molehills” on occasion, but we never just make things up so that we can get hits on our blog site.

Insinuating that the Santa Ana City Council is Pinochet-esque is a very serious allegation.  Insinuating that “good newspaper reporters” have become part of the “disappeared” even more serious.  Lets see some evidence, lets see some facts.  If you can’t produce them, lets see an apology.