Pussies! Now they’re tazing cats?!

The OCRegister reported Tuesday that Orange County Sheriff’s officials are investigating whether Theo Lacy jail deputies shocked a cat to death with a Taser gun.

What part of their training made any of the deputies “allegedly” involved in this torture think this is acceptable behavior.  The answer is NOTHING.  This is another embarrassment and insult to the good men and women in law enforcement who do their jobs for the people of Orange County every day with integrity and conscience.

What is it about power that corrupts the moral compass of people entrusted with authority? Torture approved by the President of the United States of America; deliberate negligence that leads to the death of a person in custody who was never tried for, much less convicted of, a crime; obstruction of Grand Jury investigations, the senseless torture of a cat; what next?

In other related news…

The OCRegister is reporting that an Orange County Sheriff’s deputy who violated grand jury rules, disclosing her testimony in the Chamberlain homicide investigation to a co-worker has been fired.