Delegate Selection

I would like to thank whoever is responsible for reinstating myself and 899 others on the Obama Delegate Election lists for this Sunday, April 13. I may attempt to explain what I believe happened in another post after the 4/13/08 dust settles.

I am supporting Obama because I believe he represents a paradigm shift in how we can do domestic and foreign affairs. A vote for McCain is a vote for Bush. A vote for Clinton is a vote to take that bridge BACK to the 20th Century. Like Reagan & Kennedy, Obama is a man for our generation. I also note that our most ‘experienced’ Presidents fall in the bottom 10. I will add that former Generals, military tend from mediocre to downright poor. I haven’t decided if Bush II or US Grant would fall under most corrupt administration.

If you live in the 42nd (Gary Miller) CD or the cities of Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, Trabuco, Silvarado, Anaheim Hills, Yorba Linda, Brea, La Habra, Rowland, La Habra & Hacienda Heights, Diamond Bar or Chino Hills, please come to the La Habra Community Center at La HAbra Blvd & Euclis (101 W. La Habra Blvd) and vote for me. I will put in a good word for fellow blogger, Michael Randall. Doors will open at 2 pm and close at 3pm. You do not have to stay for the ‘speechifyan’ if you do not want to. I strongly suggest a 2pm arrival. Your support is deeply appreciated. I will be a very stubborn Obama Mama!

I will add, I am glad to see our fellow bloggers, Dan (CD 48, Clinton), Chris (CD 37, Obama) & Andrew (CD 47, Clinton) making a run for it. This is Democracy in action. I believe the opening of the Democratic Party process of delegate selection came out of the 1968 convention. It is not perfect, but the attempt to include the grassroots is commendable.

Other notables running are Michelle Martinez (Obama 47), Diane Singer (Obama 42), Lorri Galloway (Clinton 42), Sally Ramierez (Clinton 42), Toni Iseman (Obama 48), Ray Verches (Obama 48), Sharon Wallin (Clinton 48) , Jill Hardy (Obama 46), Keith Bohr (Obama 46), Marti Schrank (Clinton 40), John Hanna (Clinton 40), Florice Hoffman (Obama 40), Michael Stone (Obama 48), Melahat Rafiei (Obama 37), Kim Salter (Clinton 48), Frank Barbaro (Clinton 48), Linda Moulton Patterson (Clinton 46), Keith Bohr (Obama 46), Michelle Houser (Clinton 47), Dr. Bill Honigman (Obama 48), Steve Young (Obama 48). I encourage all of our Liberal OC Readers to go to their respctive caucuses and vote for their favorite delegate. Go to and click on the Denver icon. You can pull up the list of who is running and you can pull up the location of tha caucus. Just remember that ALL are Sunday, April 13. Doors open at 2pm sharp and close at 3pm. I am sure I missed somebody who is running, if I missed, accept my apologies and add on to this thread. There are so many terrific people running. They (I) need your support. You must be a Democrat living in the congressional district to vote. My understanding is there is no same day registration. Another upside – we only get to speak for 1 minute; it could be a problem if there are 20+ running in the caucus.

Vote for me…. Please!!!! and any of your other friends! Use my contact info if you have any questions.

Thank You so much for allowing me a soapbox. It is my hope, you will be hearing more of me in the future. I know I will be tweaking Andrew when I start pitching for Ed Chau in the 42nd!