Local Iraq War Veteran (& OCYD Chair) Speaks Up for a New GI Bill

I just got this important message from the OC Young Democrats. And btw, check out The Real McCain, a joint project of VoteVets.org and Brave New Films, to see Jason’s video on the new GI Bill. But anyways, here’s the message I just got in my inbox. 🙂

Chair of Orange County Young Democrats Featured in Web Video for New GI Bill

Jason Bensley takes part in web video which urge more education support for veterans who served after September 11th.

SANTA ANA, CA- Jason Bensley, the Chair of the Orange County Young Democrats, has appeared in new web video which supports the need for a new GI Bill.

Bensley, who served as a soldier in Iraq, appears in the video with other soldiers to urge congress to increase the scope of education assistance to veterans. The video was produced by VoteVets and Brave New Films.

The proposed legislation, S. 22 (H.R. 2707), would help to cover the increasing costs of a college education for veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan after September 11. Veterans have praised the proposed educational assistance as “the military’s single most effective recruitment tool.” The bill currently enjoys bipartisan support in congress.

“Jason’s role in Iraq makes him uniquely suited to speak on this important issue,” said Aaruni Thakur, Vice Chair of the Orange County Young Democrats. “It’s important that this nation live up to the promise that it has made its veterans and provide them with sufficient funds to pay for their college educations. I’m sure Jason will help to make sure we live up to that promise.”

The Orange County Young Democrats are an active part of local Democratic politics and strive to encourage progressive political activism and participation among young people ages 14 to 35. For more information please visit www.OCYD.net.

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  1. April 7, 2008 at 5:56 pm

    I’m sensitive to this issue. I used the GI Bill after serving during Viet Nam to get my degree from the University of Illinois. Because I had a family I also had to work part time jobs but without the GI Bill I wouldn’t be where I am now.

    It’s incredibly irresponsible that we don’t support those who serve their country. They are asked to die yet America can’t help them get an education. We are asked to bail out Bear Stearns but we can’t give a GI a break.

    There’s something wrong with this picture.

  2. April 7, 2008 at 7:02 pm

    I’ve heard it argued (Thom Hartmann for one) that the GI Bill was responsible for the creation of the middle class after WWII. It’s imperative that we support this Bill and fund it fully.

    At the end of World War II, the GI Bill helped create a new “middle class” in America, allowing those who served a chance for an education. The bill’s legacy is still tangible, but today the funds it offers barely meet veterans’ expenses.


    Many forget the true cost of the war has yet to be felt yet in the glad burden we should undertake (meaning, it’s a burden we bear as a consequence of this evil war but we cannot in anyway take this out on our servicemen and women.) in caring for those who return from this war injured, scared mentally and physically and needing help getting back to life as normal. We owe them that at the LEAST and much more.

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