Another Purple County’s Turning Blue

Remember when Gila told you a short while ago about Ventura County flipping from red to blue as Democrats have now become a plurality in the once GOP stronghold? Well, guess what? It looks like yet another former GOP stronghold is about to go Democratic.

I just got this in my inbox from Blue County, the grassroots group dedicated to turning San Bernardino County blue. And while they’re not quite there yet, they seem awfully close to turning heads in yet another former GOP stronghold. Here, take a look!

Red County San Bernardino celebrates 1 year

Red County San Bernardino recently celebrated their one year anniversary. We remember how they bragged about being +34,000 registered voters ahead of the Democrats. A lot has happened in a year! The Republicans have lost over 12,000 voters and the Democrats have gained over 11,000 during the same year. What was a 4.53% registration edge is now down to 1.35% and 10,104 voter edge. What happened? Since I don’t see thousands of moving trucks heading up I-15, I am assuming that people are fed up with GOP policies and ethics that are crippling our economy and an embarrassment to our County. Last month Ventura County went from Red to Blue and now we are poised to do the same.

Contribute today to Blue County so we can support voter registration drives all throughout the county!

So hey, would you like to see another Red County go blue? Talk to your Democratic friends in The IE, and let them know that Blue County needs their help. And just think about this: If Ventura can go blue, and if San Bernardino is on the verge of going blue, then I’m sure all that blueness will surely spill over to OC pretty soon. 😉

  2 comments for “Another Purple County’s Turning Blue

  1. The Captain
    April 8, 2008 at 9:17 am

    This is fuzzy math (or at least fuzzy color mixing).

    You claim that San Bernardino is purple when Rep have an advantage of a more than 15,000 voters. But you seem to suggest that even a single voter Democrat advantage would make it a blue county.

    By the same logic, you would need at least another 15,000 voter swing in order to change it from purple to blue because if a 15,000 more republicans mean it is a purple county, it would still be purple if there were 15,000 more democrats. (different shades of purple are still purple).

  2. Dan Chmielewski
    April 9, 2008 at 10:48 pm

    Fuzzy math or not; it’s a clear erosion of a once dominant Republican county closer to pure Purple than Red. It feels like 1964 all over again

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