Register Commentary: Schroeder is Off His Game

I’m in San Francisco on business this week, so blogging time is very limited. But I do want to call attention to Steve Greenhut’s column in today’s Commentary section. Click here to read the commentary and tell Steve what you thought:

What I particularly like in both Steve’s commentary and in Marty Wisckol’s Total Buzz interview with GOP leader Mike Schroeder was the fact that both stories mentioned the Assembly District races with two Republicans using the designation of “Mayor” on the ballots despite having achieved the title the same way Debbie Cook did. I don’t believe Mr. Schroeder is unaware that these two Republicans were not doing the same thing as Debbie Cook was doing. Speaking for myself, I appreciate the balance gentlemen. Its the sort of detail I’d like to see more of in local political reporting.

When quoted for a story about the lawsuit in the Register, Mr. Schroeder called Ms. Cook a “scoflaw” for using the ballot designation inappropriately. It now appears, from every legal notion, that Mr. Schroeder was wrong. And he should apologize to Debbie Cook for the comment. Right after Mark Rosen gets his big check.