The “Art” of SanTana: Pedroza attacks SAPD…again

Don’t get excited Don Cribb I am not talking about the Artists Village, but I am talking about the village idiot of the Orange County blogosphere, Art Pedroza.


Well folks I thought this column would be a weekly one but the antics and pontifications of the Orange Juice’s Art Pedroza just might force me to make it a daily one.  Pedroza has either lost his mind or is so obsessed with attacking anyone at Santa Ana City Hall that he is now criticizing folks for not recently giving him advance notice for an event….an event that took place in August of last year.

“Art”ism of the day:

Apparently the Santa Ana Police Department hosted a “second annual National Night Out at Prentice Park on Tuesday night,” according to the O.C. Register. I don’t recall seeing any advance notice about this event….It would have been nice to read about this in advance somewhere. Santa Ana is the only city in Orange County, from what I am told, that has no public information officer – and it shows.

Pedroza did get some of the facts correct.  The SAPD did hold the “Second Annual National Night Out” on a Tuesday night at Prentice Park.  The event however did not take place last night as Pedroza insinuates, it took place, as the Register article clearly states, on Tuesday, August 7, 2007.  That article is even dated Wednesday, August 8, 2007.  Pedroza’s post of today would have us believe that the event took place last night and that nobody was notified by city officials about it taking place.

Pedroza also makes the claim about the city not having a public information officer, which is true.  What he fails to mention is that the SAPD does have a public information officer, Corporal Jose Gonzalez.  The SAPD and the city did give advance notice to this event.  In fact it was widely publicized and well attended.  In fact three Orange Juice bloggers were there, Thomas Gordon, Ryan Gene Williams and myself.  Thomas Gordon even wrote a post on the Orange Juice publicizing the event and Art’s girl Janet Nguyen was there pandering for votes.

Shame on Art Pedroza for once again attacking the Santa Ana Police Department.  He is so determined to attack the city that he will say or do anything.  While there are many things for which the city can be criticized for, I am disgusted by the tactics used by Pedroza.  This latest “Art”ism is perhaps the clearest demonstration yet that he has no credibility.

Pedroza should post an apology to the Santa Ana Police Department and the city of Santa Ana for this fabricated attack on his part.  In his quest to spew venom he fails to do his homework, research the facts and tell the truth – and it shows.  I guess if you do those things it makes you in his words a “Pulido hack”.  Well Pedroza this latest post/attack just makes you a pathetic hack.

Let me know what you think and make sure to look for “Art”isms each week in the Art of SanTana. 


Rather than apologize and admit he was wrong Pedroza simply removed the post.  Again proving to all that he has no credibility and no integrity.